Week 6 Milfoil Harvesting Update: New Upper Lake Work Site!

Milfoil divers wrapped up the harvesting season with a second week of work in the Upper Lake. They moved on from the Indian Point site early in the week and established a new harvesting site on the southeastern shoreline. The new site was identified in last summer’s plant survey as a very dense bed of milfoil close to the Boomhower Road shoreline (see circled areas on survey map). The divers found tall bushy multi-stem plants. On Wednesday, with sunny and calm conditions, they harvested a new daily record of 68 bags (1,700 pounds). The total harvest for the week was 194 bags (4,850 pounds or over 2.4 tons). It was a strong finish for a busy season. The next goal for the Upper Lake is to push back the edge of the milfoil that has extended beyond the milfoil buoys on the east, while maintaining the Indian Point site on the west.

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