Week 1 Milfoil Harvesting Update: Lower Lake

Divers Hand-Harvest Lower Lake Inlet – The SCUBA divers from Invasive Solutions Dive Company returned this past week to continue hand-harvesting the bed of Eurasian milfoil that spreads across the Lower Lake inlet at the mouth of the Narrows. The three-person crew included two divers who are familiar with Chateaugay Lake from past years. The work plan has been to clear and maintain a marked boating lane through the bed to help boaters avoid the milfoil and reduce fragments that spread the plant. Harvesting has been done every year since 2018 and the divers reported that the milfoil has been greatly reduced in the boating lane. This allowed them to extend the harvesting on either side and work further south into the Narrows. They adjusted the buoys marking the lane, so it would be well marked for the July 4th boat parade. Boaters should travel between the buoys, not around them!

The marked path seems to be making a difference in reducing the milfoil in this area. The divers removed a half-ton of Eurasian watermilfoil. Kudos to the divers for their dedication and hard work! They will return in early August to work in the South Inlet of the Upper Lake. Thanks to Chris LeFevre of Northeast Irrigation & Landscape LLC for loaning us a dumpster trailer and hauling the milfoil for disposal this year!

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