Excited about 2022!

Dear Friends of Chateaugay Lake,

As we wind down from what will (hopefully) be the last winter storm of this season, we hope you and your family were able to enjoy time on the lake this past year. Our lake continues to be one of the most spectacular lakes in the northern Adirondacks. The size of the lake, its water quality, and the long stretches of natural shoreline make it a special place. Time at the lake never fails to refresh the spirit and make us feel more alive.

Chateaugay Lake has remained a special place because of efforts to protect it over the years. One of the most serious threats in recent times has been the spread of invasive aquatic species. These are non-native plants or animals that are introduced and spread rapidly because of the lack of natural predators or diseases to keep them in check.

Chateaugay lake has avoided infestation by most of the invasive aquatic species that have come into the region, but one plant has become a serious threat – Eurasian water milfoil. Milfoil grows rapidly, choking out native plants and disrupting food chains and wildlife habitat. Dense milfoil creates mats on the surface, interfering with boating and swimming. Oxygen exchange suffers, harming water quality and negatively affecting fish. Eventually, infested lakes lose their appeal and property values fall.

If you find this alarming, we couldn’t agree more. Pleas help us stop Eurasian water milfoil from taking over our shoreline waters. With the help of our donors – primarily fellow shore owners – The Chateauguay Lake Foundation mounts annual control efforts that have cumulatively removed over 180 tons of rooted milfoil from the lake system. This is significant because milfoil spreads exponentially as fragments created by boat traffic and wind and wave action develop roots, settle to the lakebed, and form new plants. Reducing the milfoil load in the system is an important way to control spread.

Our annual newsletter is attached and we hope you can help us support the milfoil control efforts with a donation. While contributions from nearby towns and fundraising events help, donations are our mainstay. Your donation – in whatever amount works for you – will help us protect the lake now and for the future. We are counting on your love and appreciation for the lake. Your generosity will make a difference!

To make it easy, there is a PayPal link on our website that can be accessed at https://chateaugaylakefoundation.org/making-a-donation/ . Also, the Chateauguay Lake Foundation has joined the AmazonSmile program. If you participate, the Foundation can be designated to receive an amount equal to 0.5% percent of the cost of your eligible purchases made using the AmazonSmile app or by registering for Amazon Smile by going to smile.amazon.com. A cost-free way to give! Finally, the Chateaugay Lake Foundation can accept donations of stock. For more information, please contact our Treasurer at info@chateaugaylakefoundation.org.

With best wishes for the coming year,

The Chateaugay Lake Foundation Board