Your gift today can help protect Chateaugay Lake now and for the future. Please help us in our fight to control Eurasian milfoil and keep other invasives out of Chateaugay waters. The Chateaugay Lake Foundation is an all-volunteer organization and 95 cents of every dollar donated goes directly for milfoil control expenses.

Contributions are Tax Deductible

The Chateaugay Lake Foundation is a not-for-profit 501(c)3 corporation qualified to accept tax-deductible charitable contributions.


Help us today with a PayPal donation! Donate on-line using a major credit card or debit card. You do not need a PayPal account to make a donation.

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Cash Contributions

Contributions may be tax deductible for federal income tax purposes if donors itemize deductions. Checks or other instruments can be made payable to the Chateaugay Lake Foundation and mailed to:

Chateaugay Lake Foundation
PO Box 222
Lyon Mountain, NY 12952


Gifts of appreciated stock are welcome and may also offer tax advantages to the donor. Capital gains on the amount of appreciation are avoided and the donor receives a tax deduction for the stock’s full market value. For more information, please contact the Treasurer of the Chateaugay Lake Foundation at

CLF Donors

Please join our donor community, which has contributed more than $450,000 toward the goal of controlling the major milfoil infestations on Chateaugay Lake.