Raising Funds for Milfoil Control

The milfoil control effort has been carried out by the Chateaugay Lake Foundation, which was formed in 2007 to raise funds and support environmental protection of Chateaugay Lake. Over $400,000 has been raised as of mid-2016. Expenditures for milfoil control averaged $68,000 per year over the first four years of control activity and have averaged $18,000 per year subsequently. . In 2015, the Foundation was able to reserve its funds as ten weeks of hand-harvesting were carried out by dive crews for the Adirondack Watershed Institute of Paul Smiths College. This activity was supported by a grant for control of invasive species in Adirondack lakes.

The reduction in resources of the past several years has made it necessary to concentrate on a limited area for treatment. However, results are very positive and justify a renewed effort to continue and expand treatment to the rest of the lake.

Designated Donations

During the initial years of milfoil control, the focus has been on a major trouble spot for the entire lake—the South Narrows. Now that this area has been brought under control, the focus can expand to other parts of the lake.

Each part of the lake has its trouble spots. In 2013, the Foundation began a new Designated Donations program to allow donors to designate their donation for a specific segment of the lake: Upper Chateaugay, Lower Chateaugay, or the Chateaugay Narrows. Donors  also have the option of designating their donation for “wherever it is needed most.” Over $75,000 has been raised to date, including approximately $9,000 for the Lower Lake, $3,000 for the Narrows, $10,500 for the Upper Lake, and $53,000 for wherever it is needed most.  The funds designated for each part of the Lake are being held in reserve to use as potential matching funds for grants from government and nonprofit sources.


Treatment Plans and Costs

One of the lessons from the initial years of the project is that resources must match the scale of the problem. It usually takes at least three years to bring a dense milfoil bed under control. The Foundation has developed estimates of treatment costs for each segment of the lake, based on the most recent mapping of milfoil beds.

The proposed three-year treatment plans can be expected to reduce milfoil densities by 70 to 80 percent. Total costs to bring all of the shoreline under control are estimated at $783,000: $191,000 for the Lower Lake, $181,000 for the Chateaugay Narrows, and $410,000 for the Upper Lake. The treatment plans for each part of the lake can be approached in stages to manage these significant costs. To see the near-term goals that are a priority for each part of the Lake, click on the links below. For further background, see Milfoil Control Progress and Plans.

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